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"White's musical performances have left his audiences with a lasting appreciation
for the beauty and depth of classical Indian music. His joyful creativity and
commitment to his art is apparent in every brilliant performance."
India Currents Magazine, July 1997

Performer & Composer

As a composer and performer Tim White has collaborated with a wide variety of composers and musicians including Joe Catalano, Stuart Dempster, Fred Frith, Janis Mattox, Pauline Oliveros, Terry Riley, Loren Rush and has composed music for and performed with leading theater artists including George Coates, Rinde Eckert, Bob Ernst, Whoopi Goldberg, Linda Montano and Ellen Sebastian. Partial List of performances

In 1996 he was honored with a performance of recent works at the annual High Tides Festival at Intersection for the Arts.

White (with composers Loren Rush and Janis Mattox), is a founding member of the just intonation Good Sound Quartet and Good Sound Band. The Good Sound Band's recent collaboration with Terry Riley can be heard on the latest recording of "in C", (New Albion records). Good Sound Band photos

Music for Video and film include the animation feature The Golden Antelope for national television and award winning video Book of Shadows. Book of Shadows photos

Classical Sitar

Since 1975 Tim White has studied sitar with Ali Akbar Khan and is currently an instructor at the Ali Akbar College of Music, where he received the Vadya Alankar degree in 1978. He is currently a member of the Ali Akbar College Orchestra. AACM orch. photo

As a solo sitarist, White has performed in India, Europe Canada and the U.S., and has accompanied classical dancers of India, Chitresh Das (Stern Grove), Mytili Kumar (SJCPA), Vijay Shankar (AACM series), Anuradha Nag (Cowell Theater /Asian Arts Festival), Anjani Ambegaokar (Cerritos Center for the Perf. Arts, L.A.), Laurie Eisler (Ethnic Dance Festival), Sandhya Desai (Open Secrets, San Rafael).

White composed in Indian classical style for the San Francisco Shakespeare Festival's 1995 version of As You Like It.

Non-Classical Sitar

Tim White continues to explore sitar in a wide variety of non-traditonal contexts. To help composers understand and write for the sitar he has written a short article in the style of an orchestration manual. Sitar Orchestration Manual

Part of that exploration has included electronic music for which he developed the Extended Sitar Performance system (ESP). The ESP uses the sitar as a controller for an interactive electronic music system. ESP system

His album Morning Song, Evening Song, a collaboration with guitarist Jack Gates and mridangam player Rusty Gillette, has be re-released on CD, with new material from the original recording sessions.

White plays several instruments which include the sitar, flutes, saxophone, guitar, percussion, piano, accordion, synthesizers, and computer controlled music systems.

As a composer and musician White is able to combine both western and eastern music styles, jazz elements, Indian music and complex rhythms from around the world.

Click here for a list of recordings.

Music Technologist

Recording/Sound Engineer

White is an accomplished recording engineer with many years experience and two Grammy nominated CDs. He has recently formed an on-location recording collaboration, Perceptive Recording, with Nick Peck. For an interesting web experience visit Nick's site.

Acoustics Researcher

As member of the Good Sound Foundation since 1987, White has been involved in many acoustic and electro-acoustic research projects in collaboration with concerts halls, theaters and performance spaces around the country, and worked on the development of the "Good Sound Process" (featured on Ali Akbar Khan's Grammy nominated CD "Passing on the Tradition"). Find out more about the Good Sound Foundation.

Electronic Music Experimenter

White has developed and built several electro-acoustic and computer interactive instruments including the ESP system, the FeedBack Flutes, and the Ambient Sound Filter (the Ambient Sound Filter was used to produce "Freeway Melodies" soon to be released on "End ID" (20th Century Media Compilation) by Digital Narcis).


White is currently teaching Multimedia courses at Diablo Valley College in Pleasant HILL, California and has been an instructor in North Indian Classical music at the Ali Akbar College of Music in San Rafael, California, and privately in Berkeley, California.

White has lectured at universities, colleges and schools in the U.S. and Europe. In 1996, as part of a program funded by the Buck Foundation to bring North Indian Classical music to the schools, he toured Bay Area schools giving a series of lecture demonstrations and workshops that culminated in student performances.

For several years White has been developing and teaching a method of rhythm education from a world perspective, its basis being a universal grammar of rhythm applicable to music regardless of culture. He has been working on a book of this method that he hopes to complete soon.


White has participated in residencies at the Djerassi Foundation, Headlands Center for the Arts, CA, and Banf Center for the Performing Arts, Canada. Banf photos

Radio Show

For over a year, starting April 1994, Mr. White produced and hosted the Classical Music of India Radio Show with co-host Richard Harrington every Sunday, 11:00 a.m. to noon, which included live performances, interviews, rare recordings and feature shows; KUSF 90.3 fm, San Francisco, CA

Live performances and interviews included (in alphabectical order):

Salamat Ali Khan - voice
Anindya Banerjee - sarod
Shumen Bhattacharyya - sitar
Kashinath Bodas - voice
Steve Gorn - bansuri
Shweta Jhaveri - voice
Kalaramnath - violin
Ross Kent - sarod
Tejendra Majumdar -sarod
Jim Owens - kanjira
James Pomerantz - sitar
Christopher Ris - sarod
John Rothfiled - violin
Natchiketa Sharma - voice
Rajiv Taranath - sarod
Tim Whitter - tabla
Jeff Whittier - bansuri
Satish Vyas - santoor

Scholarly interviews included (in alphabectical order):

Jackie Godden - voice
Allyn Miner - sitar - author - teacher
George Ruckert - sarod - author - teacher
Huib Schippers - sitar - author - teacher

Shows included:

The History of the Khyal Vocal Style
Ensemble Music in North India -
with rare recordings of Ustad Allauddin Khan's Maihar Band

Sitar Styles at the turn of the century as represented by rare 78's


White is a graduate of University of California at Berkeley with an MFA in Electronic Music and Recording Media from Mills College, Oakland CA. In 1978 White was awarded the Vadya Alankar Degree by Ali Akbar Khan for his studies in North Indian Classical Music.

Teachers include: Indian Music: Ali Akbar Khan, Pandit Jasraj, Krishna Bhatt, Vilayat Khan, Zakir Hussain, Gnan Prakash Ghosh; jazz guitar: Jack Eskridge; Composition & Arranging: Alden Jenks (S.F. Conservatory), Elvo Damante & Ed Kelly (Laney College, Oakland), Pauline Oliveros (composer, performer), Loren Rush (composer, performer), Alvin Curran, Christian Wolfe, Fred Frith, as well as Workshops/Classes in Brazilian percussion, Balanese Gamelon, African & Cuban drumming.

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